Unregistered SIM, phone not working

  • Hello UBports community !
    I recently managed to install UT 16.04 on my Aquaris E5 (Ubuntu Edition).
    But I can not make my phone work nor make calls: he tells me that my SIM card is not registered.
    But he detected it and accepted my SIM PIN.
    I had no problem of this kind with my previous system (the latest Canonical Ubuntu Touch).
    When I go to "Cellular Parameters / Carrier & APN / Carier", the operator search is automatically performed, mine is found (Free) but it refuses me to select it. When I return to "Carrier & APN", the entry "Carrier" remains at "None".
    I suspect a write access problem, but on which device or file?
    Another strange thing that can be linked: it does not save the password of my WiFi network and creates a new entry in the list of networks every time I leave it.
    Does anyone have an idea of ​​the source of these problems?

  • @fred56
    Look to see if you have an imei number.
    This is shows in android, as nvram error x 10
    This usually happens if you use the flash _tool
    and use the ' format all+ download ' setting.

    Try searching ubports

  • @Marathon2422 : Right ! I have no IMEI number (None,None) and the serial number is 0123456789ABCDEF.
    I have used flash_tool with "format all+dowload" 😞
    searching UBports forum for a solution to write the IMEI (I got the number on the box)

  • @fred56
    Try viewing,β€œ xxx.skyneel.com” and search for, nvram error. ( replace x with www)
    This should explain it for you

  • @Marathon2422
    I have looked at xxx.skyneel.com and found on it two methods to restore the IMEI on a phone, but none of these works on mine :
    1- by installing MobileUncle apps, but its is an android apps so I cant install it on an ubuntu touch phone.
    2- by entering the engineering mode by tapping code * # * # 3646633 # * # * or *#4634#, but in my case nothing happens 😞
    So what could I try now ?
    should I install an Android system on my aquaris E5 HD and then install MobileUncle apps ?
    but how to do it ?

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