OnePlus One OTA8 Signal App

  • I have a OnePlus One running UT OTA8 (stable) and I have some questions about the Signal app running in this environment. Firstly, there does not seem to be a way to send a message to a person that is not in the Signal contacts. The 'pencil' icon that is present in the Android version of this app is not present. It seems to me that one can only send a message to defined contact. Second, there seems to be no way to add a signal contact. The only way I have sort-of found to add a contact is to import contacts from the phone's address book. Third, when I attempt to import contacts from the phone to the Signal app, I end up with either the all Signal contacts being wiped or only one (the first defined contact in the phone) contact being imported.

    How does the Signal app on UT deal with contacts and can I send a message to a person that is not a contact?

    Apologies if I am missing something.

  • The Signal app on UT is not a replacement for the standard SMS app, like it is on Android. So you cannot send messages using it, to people outside the Signal network, if you are asking how to send regular SMS to contacts not using Signal.

    If you mean send to someone whom you know is on Signal, but is not in your existing contacts for Signal, I'm not sure with Signal API to verify if a number you type in is available to communicate via Signal, but I guess @nanu-c could answer that better.

    If somehow existing Signal contacts are being erased when importing from the system contacts, it sounds like a bug that should probably get reported in the GitHub.

  • Hi @dobey,

    I am only trying to message people inside the Signal network.

    There is no place (that I can find) to type the number of a Signal contact.

  • Hi @dobey. I hit the same problem than you and found out that I need to:

    • Add the number to the UT contact app first
    • In the Signal app, tap on "Import contact"
    • Select all contact (even those who doesn't have Signal, that's the quickest way)
    • Import all contacts: only those known by the Signal server will be imported
    • Your new contact is there, and you can write to him. If it doesn't receive the message, reset the security keys

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