Desktop Notifications, part 2....

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    I am new to UBTouch, I am in no way a programmer guy.

    I am very interested in using UBTouch, but I soon realized that notifications are a problem, a big problem.

    Many of the apps I use turn out to be what are called "web apps", and so I get no notifications from them.

    I saw the referenced posting about notifications, @dobey said it is not possible at the moment to get notifications for calls and messages, but may be in the future.

    How far into the future are we talking about?

    How certain is that to happen?

    Will it work for webapps?

    I am not asking out of frustration. Instead, I want to use UBTouch as my main device if possible. But I don't see how to do that without notifications working.

    I have run across a few other postings in which people said they are using their UBTouch device as their main device. How do they manage that without reliable notifications working?

    IF I can figure out how to get anbox working on my UBTouch device, and then install an android app instead of having to rely on a webapp version of it, will that android app pass notifications to the UBTouch device?

  • @dln949 As far as I know, Anbox for the time being only gets network connectivity interaction with the Linux system, no notifications, GPS, audio, or any other interaction with the phone components.

    Native applications do get notifications, and webapps should get them if they get notifications in the desktop, but for that you should use UT Tweak Tool to get the webapp to run in the background and you should not close it. In any case I don't think one can rely on those notifications from webapps, if they work at all.

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