Ubuntu Touch Q&A 50

  • The 50th Ubuntu Touch Q&A is this Saturday the 18th of May at 19:00 UTC. Join us for this milestone also the latest Ubuntu Touch updates, developments and your questions. Please post them below and we will do our very best to answer them live during the show.

    Youtube live link for Saturday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxnqPkQrKJo

    Please remember questions on porting to device **** or it's status, and questions on bugs will not be answered.

    • Do you have now an operational bank account ?.. So as to help you directly when we want without intermediaries.
    • As your developer work (and other tasks) become more and more titanic despite the good will of 'everyone' do you consider yet one or some paid developer full time job ? Did you budget it ? How to fund it ? What is the estimated cost per developer per year (€) if it isn't a secret ?
    • As you are now a foundation with a legal structure, can you get public aids in addition to private subventions ?

  • Not a device status question, just a device question. 🙂 Is anyone able to forecast yet how the PinePhone will perform compared to existing devices? If it's too early to tell, that's fine, I'm just curious.

    Also, regarding bounties: I know it's been hashed out on Telegram multiple times (so I'm not actually curious about this myself), but I see people both there and on the forum repeatedly propose various forms of bounties, so perhaps a few words in the Q&A (and/or here on the forum) about the project leaders' feeling towards that subject would be appropriate if you have time.

    1. Support for wireguard being planned/considered?
    2. Do you know Godot engine? How hard do you think it would be to support it on Ubuntu Touch?

  • Once you've brought the latest versions of Unity8 and Mir to mobile devices, will you allocate more resources to bringing a usable version of Unity8 to desktops/laptops?

    I ask because I suspect that offering a version of Unity8 usable on desktops/laptops will appeal to a large audience, which may ultimately attract more interest in your mobile project.

  • as always I have two questions 😜 :

    • the use of canonical trademarked symbols in various UBports graphic elements could lead to potential Trademark Licence infringing by community members that doesn't have signed an "ad personam" Trademark Licence Agreement for Ubuntu with Canonical.
      Also this licence agreement limits the use of those symbols to "promote Ubuntu, participate in the Ubuntu community, or to contribute to the Ubuntu community" so it doesn't seem to consider the use to promote something different and independent like the UBports fondation/projects/community. Do you have plans and timing about the removal / replacement of those TM symbols?

    • and a totaly different question: what do you think about SPURV from the Collabora team?

  • Another Pine64 question: Both the PinePhone and the PinebookPro seem to be moving along very nicely. The PineTab hasn't seen the same tracktion. A couple of days ago I saw someone ask a question about why that is on the Pine64 site. Lukasz from Pine64 answered that they were holding back on the PineTab on purpose because they needed to figure out what OS options there are for the PineTab.
    My Question: UT seems like an obvious candidate for the Tab. Are you guys in discussion with Pine64 about the PineTab specifically?
    And If so, is there not also a worry that the rather low specs for the PineTab make it a less then ideal showcase for UT which might also turn out to reflect negatively on us?

  • @UniSuperBox For the q and a on your own, as it not easy a saturday night 👍👍

  • @Diogo said in Ubuntu Touch Q&A 50:

    Do you know Godot engine? How hard do you think it would be to support it on Ubuntu Touch?

    Godot needs to gain support for Wayland protocol, and we need to get the new Mir/Unity8 into the image. Once both of those are done, then Godot should be usable (though it may need another export template to build a click too).

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