• So the other day I was using the location service and as has happened before the location system froze. However this time I had time to check the log app and noticed an odd entry:

    loading module ''
    library "/vendor/lib/egl/" not found

    for the record the last two calls for location in that log both failed with the applications saying something about the 'gps system is unavailable'

    I dug about and found this issue:

    For the heck of it I found a copy of the library on the webs, but Windows user me soon ran into the fact that I cannot edit any of the filesystems in question. So as I can figure the file in question is only shipped with adreno305 devices (not many it seems) yet if I type test_hwcomposer on my 1+1 or nexus5 I get the same failure message about the missing library when neither of these devices ship with it (I know, I downloaded factory images and extracted them).

    Is there an easy way to symlink to the file for testing? Or would this require a custom build of the android subsystem? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

  • That error seems to be present in all apps and I believe can be ignored.
    Although I think it's worth looking at anyway since I'm also getting error when running Qt apps in xmir/xcb.

  • That error seems to be present in all apps and I believe can be ignored.

    @kugiigi 🙂

  • @advocatux I was planning to comment on that issue as it seems to have stalled.

    It seems odd to me that the library is being called at all on phones that don't have it, makes me think the problem is the mir library. But that is way over my head.

  • @Giiba did you try the workaround described on that issue?

  • I don't understand what was done to work around this per that discussion, so I started this thread in hopes someone might be able to explain it better 😀

  • Back at it.

    After pondering the aforementioned issue and the work-around, I stopped trying to understand that which I don't, and did what I know.

    I just made the appropriate folder in system-data, copied the existing libs there and added the

    mkdir /userdata/system-data/vendor/lib
    cp -a /vendor/lib/egl/. /userdata/system-data/vendor/lib/egl

    Then added to fstab:

    /userdata/system-data//vendor/lib/egl /vendor/lib/egl none bind 0 0


    mount -a

    And the error disappears from logs... no idea if it makes a difference yet.

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