Aquaris M10 HD - Screen stays black after installing Ubuntu

  • Hello,

    I have a BQ Aquaris M10 HD Ubuntu Edition. After Canonical decided to ditch Ubuntu Touch I've flashed it with Android.

    Now I want to test Ubuntu Touch on it again. I've installed Ubuntu following the ubports documentation ("Install on legacy Android devices").

    After the flashing process I've turned the table on but the screen stays black (the back light is active) and after a few seconds there is a short sound. That's all. Here is a short video of the boot process:

    Is this behavior familiar to anyone? Is there a workaround?

    I can flash Android on the tablet again without any problems. Flashing Ubuntu again does not help. The result is the same.

    Thanks for Your answers in advance :-),

  • @onlygecko I've never seen that before. Are you sure you're using the right files for your device (cooler)?

  • @advocatux: Thanks for the quick reply. Your post made me thinking... It turned out I have an M10 FHD. Now I'm embarrassed and happy at the same time. On the back of the M10 it just says Aquaris M10. The order confirmation from years ago helped solving this issue...

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