Forum spam errors

  • I keep getting this error when trying to reply to threads:

    Post content was flagged as spam by

    In one case I thought it might be caused by a URL in a quoted post, so I removed that quote and tried again successfully. In the other however I could not see the problem and simply submitted again, which also worked.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it expected behavior of the forum software which I'm inadvertently triggering?

  • Hmm, that was supposed to be disabled. I've double-disabled it, should stop scanning after the forum is restarted sometime today.

  • @UniSuperBox


    For future reference, is there a bug tracker specifically for the forum where I should report such glitches? I looked and didn't find it, but I didn't have the time then to look very hard.

  • There is not, but few enough problems happen that they can be discussed here.

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