Huawei/Google on social media etc. Opportunity to promote UBports?

  • I have made a few comments on posts about the issues that people are expecting with the news about Google and Huawei, basically suggesting the people look into using UBports Ubuntu Touch instead.

    Just wondering if this is a good opportunity to promote UBports as people may be getting disillusioned by both Google and Chinese manufacturers OS for their devices?

  • Sounds rather close to this discussion here:

  • @halucigenia Please see this comment as posted in the thread suggested by @Ingo. It resolves the situation well for now.
    [Forwarded from Florian Leeber]
    I am fully against any cooperation with Huawei sorry to say. As I said yesterday in the supergroup: No we wont ask for this. Huawei is in a very political discussion and the foundation needs to stay neutral. We will not endorse, recommend any or cooperate with companies that are under the impression of political influence.

    That topic is now locked and I am going to do the same here for the same reasons I said there.

    I think that really puts an end to this thread so am going to lock it. There is always Off Topic if needed.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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