play whole music folder from file manager

  • Hey,

    I was wondering whether it is possible to select several music titles via file manager and play them with the music player? So far as I can see it is only possible to select one file and play it. But often it is useful to put a whole folder in the playlist, e.g. when it contains an album. Of course it is possible to select the files directly via the music player, but this is sometimes chaotic when the meta information is missing and there are several songs from different artists in 'unknown album'.

    Would be nice if you had a workaround!


  • In my computer I have the music inside the folders, music of an artist or mixed with several artists, that happens when I pass it to Ut, that the player separates me all the music and I can't listen to it together, that I put it so by dates or style of music and I like to listen to the songs in the way that I have put them in each folder.

    Is it possible that you can add that function?


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