dekko 2 and mails in

  • As the functionning of dekko 2 is often capricious..., i speak with caution :

    Is there currently a causal relationship between mails in and dekko 2 malfunction ?

    For me, what's going on (my mail provider is not gmail) :

    • the fact of wanting to read an mail sent (target address) makes the SENT folder of dekko 2 crash.
    • Moving a mail sent (target address of the sent mail) with my mail provider or with dekko 2 does not appear in my destination folder under dekko (but the mail moved is visible in the destination folder with my mail provider)

  • Eureka, I found it !!
    Sure, my dekko is presently gmail allergic !
    Desensitization may not be easy ! 🙂

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