[FP2] Screen is a locked patchwork of colors and works fine alternately

  • Hey everyone,

    I am running UbuntuPhone on my Fairphone2 for several years and all of a sudden one day, my screen goes crazy with a patchwork of colors and I can't use it anymore (see attached image at the end of message).
    Even a reboot still gives the same screen issue.
    After some time, when I unlock the screen, I might get everything working fine until the screen randomly goes patchwork-crazy again.
    This makes me wonder if the issue comes from the OS because sometimes things are working properly.
    But my other guess is that this is a hardware issue, which would mean I have to send it back for full check-up since I have no idea where the problem is coming from.
    Do you have already seen the same issue on Fairphones or on any other phone?

    Thank you very much!
    Bests regards to you all

  • @natineo have you tried to disassemble and assemble your phone again? Sometimes a module isn't plugged properly, or got dirty, etc.


  • Btw you can follow the troubleshooting steps here https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001041206-Troubleshoot-your-Fairphone-2-issue if you click on Display > My display shows a pixel image (coloured noise) 🙂

  • @advocatux Wow thanks, I didn't find this web page when I looked for this particular issue.
    I already tried to open the case and blow dry air in it but i will follow those instructions this evening when I'm back home and let you know if it worked.

  • Does this happen immediately after booting/already on the screen to unlock the phone?
    Or only after you entered your PIN code?

    We once had someone with a Fairphone 1 where such a kind of screen started roughtly 2s after unlocking. In their case it was an app running wild. But that was on Android, not sure if such things happen with UT.

    Edit: if there is a local community near you, you could meet with a fellow Fairphoner and swap displays to make sure the display is the problem.

  • @Ingo Thank you for the ideas. This happens at random when the phone is switched on with screen off and I switch on the screen. Then, the colored noise can persist even after reboot.
    Because of this pattern, I didn't identify any app as the troublemaker.
    Thank you for the fairphone community map.

    Since following 'https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001041206-Troubleshoot-your-Fairphone-2-issue > Display > My display shows a pixel image (coloured noise)' leads to the exact picture of my screen, I suppose this is most probably a known hardware issue.
    I followed the instructions on @advocatux link, which means opening and cleaning every inner parts of the phone.
    It works again but it has already been doing working - colored noise - working loops so I will keep you informed.

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