Unable to add email accounts in Dekko2

  • I have configured Dekko 2 successfully in the past. Now on attempting to configure an Outlook account I cannot get past the Server Configuration screen. If I back out, the account is not set up. Checking my Microsoft activity shows that they were happy with the IMAP and SMTP requests. I suspect that I have the same problem with Gmail. Is there a work around?


  • @cj_c I have a work around.

    If on filling in the account details and pressing <next> Dekko returns to the same screen do not back out as this deletes the new account information entered. Instead restart the phone.

    If you entered the information correctly then your mail will be there when go back into Dekko. If the account details were not correct, you have the opportunity to edit the account.

    Similarly if the validation hangs, simply restart the phone.

    The lack of feedback from Dekko when configuring an account has already been raised as an issue.

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