Dekko 2 news ??

  • Without information for some time, we all hope that Dan will regain his full health potential as soon as possible and we wish him the best possible recovery.

    As for dekko 2 itself, does anyone have any news about any upcoming developments? a new .click ? where is the port to qtwebengine?

    If someone has any information that can be shared , thank you in advance.

  • Hi @domubpkm, two things to say:

    1. the qtwebengine branch is where I left it off one month ago: oxide was replaced by qtwebengine in a clean way, but you won't be happy with the result, as the userscripts aren't working yet for some reason, causing
      • zooming to behave odd
      • the font being very tiny
      • context menu to not work

    I think I will get back to it, after the next teleports release, and...

    1. We fixed a date for the hackathon, it will take place on the 31. of August in Munich. There will be an official announcement as soon as the location is confirmed. Thanks to @jonius for organizing the hackathon!

  • @hummlbach Thank you for this information.

    Looking forward to seeing what a viable qtwebengine on dekko gives : also thank your for your already heavy investment in this !!

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