Porting Ubuntu Touch (@UBPorts) to tenshi (BQ Aquaris U Plus)

  • @Flohack can you post here (ideally in the porting documentation) how to add udev rules and other configs in the system.img? I also need that for Redmi 4x (santoni).

  • @keep37

    i dont own the phone in quesion myself but i think this is normal with halium.
    you have to give ubuntu touch the correct premissions.

    you have to ssh or telnet into the phone and run these commands:

    sudo mount -o remount,rw /
    sudo -i # And enter your password
    cat /var/lib/lxc/android/rootfs/ueventd*.rc|grep ^/dev|sed -e 's/^\/dev\///'|awk '{printf "ACTION==\"add\", KERNEL==\"%s\", OWNER=\"%s\", GROUP=\"%s\", MODE=\"%s\"\n",$1,$3,$4,$2}' | sed -e 's/\r//' >/usr/lib/lxc-android-config/70-[codename].rules

    and change the [codename] to your devices codename, then do a reboot.

    As described in the docs:

    I posted how to do it here ^^^

  • @ComLarsic I'm sorry I wasn't clear enough
    I was asking a way to add the results of these commands in the system.img.
    I thought it would be possible (and I think it is possible) to generate udev rules on the first installation and then copy the file somewhere in the build directory and integrate it into the build system so that it ends up in the system.img file.
    So no need to execute these commands after every flash.

    I assume that the rules for other devices found in /usr/lib/lxc-android-config/ come from the xenial rootfs.

  • @keep37 maybe you could mount the system.img and run the command inside of the mountpoint?

  • @ComLarsic No this is not the right way to do this. It works like this:

    • Create a folder ubuntu in your device repo
    • Copy all relevant config files for your port there, in my case:
      ofono.override: Customizations for the ofono/RIL part
      70-hammerhead.rules: udev rules
      display.conf: Screen resolution settings
      config-default.xml: repowerd config
    • Open device.mk or similar file for your port
    • Add a section like this:
    # Ubuntu Touch
        $(LOCAL_PATH)/ubuntu/ofono.override:system/halium/etc/init/ofono.override \
        $(LOCAL_PATH)/ubuntu/70-hammerhead.rules:system/halium/lib/udev/rules.d/70-android.rules \
        $(LOCAL_PATH)/ubuntu/display.conf:system/halium/etc/ubuntu-touch-session.d/android.conf \

    You can also copy files into the system image if needed, firmware, startup scripts for Android init.rc - its very flexible.

    Note: Keep the names for those 4 files on the right side! They are overwriting existing files in the rootfs and its absolutely necessary to keep them like this, otherwise it wont work.

    You can add various files with this method. They will be dynamically mounted into the rootfs at boot time. Never touch the rootfs! It needs to stay clean for updates.

  • @ComLarsic you posted a developers command from the docs, but that´s not how it can be persisted correctly. Unfortunately our guide lacks a lot of informations.

  • @Flohack ah alright, sorry if i lead to any confusion. thanks for the help 🙂

  • Thanks for your help!
    In the meantime I was able to install UBports successfully with the new files.
    UBports runs really well on the Aquaris U Plus.
    After the standby, I always get the window with the selection to shutdown or restart, seems to be a bug.
    The media playback also works very bad.
    But otherwise I like this port very well.

  • @Invy Still to fix audio and videoplayback, LEDs and compatibility with anbox, I know it. I hope to fix them ASAP.
    Regarding waking it up after standby, it might seems something recently introduced by some new package version, with new graphical version. Need to investigate about it, even though I doubt it is a bug.
    I keep on using tenshi as daily driver and it works fine

  • With an anbox compatibility and without the bugs you mentioned, I would also use the phone as a daily driver. I'm available for testing or other support if I can help you with the development.

  • Hi, you still work on this port? I ask, because some important things not works on my Uplus. For example, import of contacts vcf not possible on any ways. Uplus would be my preferred device. But without contacts is unusable. I hope you don't stop the work on this device.

  • @Nandel https://forums.ubports.com/topic/2987/import-contacts-to-ubuntu-touch
    there is an example about how to import contact to UT. It worked on my device

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