Import Contacts To Ubuntu Touch

  • Use Ubuntu to import your contacts into your Ubuntu Touch device

    Export your contacts in .vcf format

    Run to following command and (phone-contacts-touch.vcf) file will be created

    $ cat contacts.vcf | sed -e "s/END:VCARD/END:VCARD\n/" > phone-contacts-touch.vcf

    Enable Developer mode on your Ubuntu Touch device

    Settings > About > Developer mode

    Connect to your Ubuntu Touch device with a USB cable and run the following commands to push phone-contacts-touch.vcf to your device

    $ sudo apt install adb

    $ adb push phone-contacts-touch.vcf /home/phablet/Documents

    From terminal on your Ubuntu Touch device and run the following command

    $ syncevolution --import ~/Documents/phone-contacts-touch.vcf backend=evolution-contacts database=Personal

    Import is complete. Have fun!

  • @gunnygordon said in Import Contacts To Ubuntu Touch:

    Enable Developer mode on your Ubuntu Touch device

    You don't need to do the things after this or enable developer mode. If you connect your device to USB, and unlock the screen, you will be able to browse the device and just drag & drop the contacts.vcf with the file manager, into the Documents directory.

    Afterward, on the phone, you can open the File Manager app, go to the Documents directory, open the contacts.vcf file, and then select Contacts app, and your contacts will be imported.

  • Thanks dobey, worked like a charm!

    @gunnygordon BTW, if the Ubuntu computer was used to install UT on the phone, the adb package is already installed.

  • @dobey that is awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  • @normandc thanks for sharing.

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