Nexus 5 overheating

  • @domubpkm never had such an issue with N5, only when hooked up to an external monitor.
    I would suggest completely wipe the phone with fastboot, then install latest Android firmware, then switch to UT.
    I experienced previously on Android phones such an issue when the upgrade process did not go well, or aka dirty-flashing some ROMs, then there was an issue with overheathing and some other issues.

    Give it a shot, nothing to loose. ( backup your files before attempting to do this )

  • @Stefano Thank you for your advice.
    Already done a similar procedure a long time ago with the well done Flohack tutorial. And reflashed with wipe option several times. Nothing change. Maybe an hardware problem in my case, for my LG-D821 32 GB refurbished.. But it isn't totally blocking.. with a smartphone fan 😉🙂

  • @domubpkm does it overheats while browsing the net? It might be because of frequencies your carrier uses. Try to use differnt sim/provider if possible. Had simmilar issue with O2, changed to EE (UK ) problem gone. (on Pro 5)

  • @domubpkm But, have wipe the phone with fastboot commands or just wipe with installer? Fastboot formats the partitions, it can erase them then create a new ones a format them. Installer probably just wipes without formating. It might leave some paths/ directories/ files behind... Look up formats commands on Google. And I think it might help especially to your Nexus 5.
    I would erase and format partitions and then flash Android anew, from there you know what to do to put UT on it.

  • Hello @UniSuperBox

    @Stefano has a good thought in Nexus 5 overheating:

    Installer probably just wipes without formating. It might leave some paths/ directories/ files behind...

    What exactly does the Wipe option do ?

  • @domubpkm I have no idea, presume just format data partition???

  • @Giiba said in Nexus 5 overheating:

    That's very interesting, curious how there is only one radio image for both devices.

    The firmware is the same, but the hardware supports different bands, IIRC.

  • @dobey
    You are correct, at least according to the interwebs.

  • @domubpkm

    Wipe should be done by formatting the data and cache partitions. No other partitions are touched on ubp-5.1 (everything that wasn't a Canonical device) installs. Logo, boot, and recovery are wholesale flashed, not formatted.

  • I don't know if a complete reformatting of the phone and a complete reinstallation of the latest version of N5 compatible android and the latest UT version will have a positive effect but why not.

    But as I don't want to render unusable my tel which still works correctly out of this overheating problem especially when surfing the internet (not in Hotspot mode). I would need a very precise step-by-step tutorial with the commands used, which will probably be useful for many.

    If someone has already successfully completed the procedure and who can write a precise tutorial, that would be great. The starting point is a Nexus 5 under UT.

    I will do this with Ubuntu 16.04.
    I will wait for the OTA 10 to be published and do probably this during my next holidays...

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