Cellular carrier not recognized

  • Just installed UT onto my Nexus 5.
    Under Settings > Cellular > Carrier & APN > Carrier the phone tries to automatically connect to the carrier but after a minute fails. Any Ideas why?

  • @CaylonWilkins If you installed without choosing the wipe option and are on stable, try switching to the Dev channel in System Settings, Updates, Update Settings. Install the update, if that fixes the problem you can switch back to stable again.
    If not try rerunning the installer with the wipe option checked.

  • @Lakotaubp wiping the device probably isn't necessary.

    I don't know if we can properly get carrier info from the Nexus 5 all the time. Is the device failing to connect to the mobile network?

  • @CaylonWilkins Can you specify what carrier it is you're trying to use? Sprint and Verizon in the US will not work currently.

  • I finally got an honest response from Ting. Apparently their website has a known bug and I was shipped the wrong card. It worked perfectly after the replacement. As for metroPCS, I think they have some king of firmware authentication required on the phone (another good reason to switch).

    I thought the same issue from two distinct sim cards (one known good) would rule out the sim cards as the issue. I was wrong. Sorry about that.

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