My reboot hung on Fairphone 2. [Solved]

  • Hi.

    Yesterday, I turned on my Fairphone 2. UT got to the login screen, then it went back to booting up and hung. I held in the power button for a few seconds and it rebooted properly. Is holding in the power button the correct way to force a reboot? Are there other button/combo methods?


  • I encountered the same issue sometimes in the last weeks. And fixed it the same way, as you did.
    I am on Edge channel.
    Mostly it happened when deactivating hotspot again. But because the hotspot did not deactivate properly, the wifi was not usable anymore and I needed to reboot.

    But since nearly a week the issue seems to be gone, at least for me.

  • Thanks, @Luksus. 🙂