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  • Hello guys,

    I am excited about all the progress at UBPorts. As I had created an webapp for Electronic-Tickets in german public transport system, I also added it now to the OpenStore:
    The app is not widely used, but in the old Ubuntu store, reviewers asked for a additional functionality for storing the phone number. I found now that this would be possible by changing the default webapp URL to an individual url each user can get sent via SMS.

    So I imagine adding a "configuration" button to my webapp:

    • Showing instructions how to get the sms with the individual URL sent
    • Option to paste the individual URL into settings dialogue -> webapp would start from now on with that individual url and phone number would not necessarily have to be introduced each time.

    However, I have little experience in programming and so far only used the templates for webapps etc I could find in the internet. I imagine the above functionally should not be too complicated to add. Maybe here in the forums there can be given some hints how to implement this.

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