Google Fi SIM not receiving SMS/Calls

  • Hi,

    I'm running the latest RC UBT on my Nexus 5. I have a Google Fi sim installed. The 3g/4g data works fine. Outgoing calling works. Messaging has had a few hickups... I've got it so I can send sms to someone, but I'm not receiving the reply on the Nexus. I've tinkered around a little with the APN settings, but no luck receiving sms so far. I also use the same sim in an Android device (H9493) and use Google Hangouts for sms in that device. When I send out an sms from my Nexus 5, the reply shows up in Hangouts but not in the native Ubuntu Touch Messaging app on the Nexus, which is where the sms originated from...

    So, I can send sms texts and make an outgoing call, but I can't receive sms or incoming calls...

    Any ideas?

  • Problem solved. It was an additional setting in Hangouts that needed to be disabled. Calls and sms work fine on the N5 now.

  • @canadien666 Could you please explain how you did it so that in the future if someone else needs help regarding this we have a solution? thanks

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