TELEports HOTFIX 0.4.1

  • Dear all,
    due to recent changes on the Telegram push servers the push client in TELEports started logging informational messages to its logfile. Well so far so good, except that it is not one log file but one file for every message that arrives.
    This started filling up all our log directories with up to a few thousand unnecessary logs. While the cause for that is not in TELEports but in a component called ubuntu-app-launch, we supply a hotfix that turns of logging for now.
    Please update to v0.4.1 at your earliest convenience. As of writing this message, the build is still not finished, but should be in roughly 2hrs or so.

    How to clean it up?

    • Use a terminal or adb shell to enter the directory .cache/upstart in your user home
    • find all files starting with untrusted-* and delete them
    • With the new version in place, no new files should appear over the next days

    BR Florian

  • Command to delete all of those files:

    phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ rm ~/.cache/upstart/untrusted-helper-*

  • Finally its built 🙂

  • @Flohack All working well since. Just found another couple of logs that are still "unhandled":

    - Unhandled push type:  "CHAT_MESSAGE_GIF"
    - Unhandled push type:  "PINNED_TEXT"

  • @myii The latter is scheduled for release 0.6.0

  • @hummlbach Well 2 different things, the push type just needs adding of a message in the push helper, while the other one in the app is more work 😉

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