Sometimes SIM1 is blocked

  • Hi everybody,

    I've two SIM-cards in my E4.5.
    SIM1 is my normal SIM-card which I'm using for phonecalls and writing SMS. This card is protected by SIM-PIN
    SIM2 is a card which I only use for mobile data. For this card I've turned off SIM-PIN.
    Since some time, at aproximatly every 5th boot, the first SIM is blocked and I can't unblock it from the settings. The second SIM is connected to the provider at this time. There are only two ways to get it working again:

    1. Switch on flightmode and after waiting a few seconds switch off flightmode again. Then the screen where I have to enter the PIN for SIM1 appears.

    2. Reboot the phone

    I read some of the LOG-files and it seems that it has something to do with ofono. I don't think it's a hardware-related bug, because after switching to flight-mode everthing is working fine.

    Which LOG-files should I post when this happens again to find out, what is the problem?

  • @kristatos Did you mean Blocked or Denied? Or does your phone shows Blocked?

    I've got this frequently on Meizu Pro 5(Denied) mostly on Sim No.2.
    Flighmode or reboot fix it, but it's annoying.
    Probably when place with a weak Mobile network coverage this happens.

  • @Stefano I think it's blocked. I'm using ubports with german translation and there it's called 'gesperrt'.

  • @kristatos More like '' Dissabled '' or ''Locked '' maybe Sim locked? Pin code for Sim?

  • @Stefano Hi, it could also be "locked". The SIM-Card is in this state until you type in your PIN-code for this card.

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