TELEports new chats

  • Hi,
    I tried out the TELEports app and so far it works very well, even encrypted chats, which is very very nice.
    But I don't find any way to start a new conversation or add new contacts, is this feature no yet implemented or do I miss something?
    A second small thing is, that I only get notifications from new messages if I turn on the screen and not when the screen is off, is this normal?

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

  • @Silar Hi
    In my own experience, notifications work fine.

    About new contacts and new chat, yes these features are not yet implemented.
    But I think it's work in progress. I think I remember a thread talking about these issues

  • Thanks for the answer, that was that I expected.
    Is the notification in your case LED, sound and vibration? Because unfortunately sound doesn't work on my nexus (hardware problem).

  • @Silar I have all kind of notification working.
    Sound notification with generic sound, the Led is pulsating and the phone vibrates...

    Sometimes it can be a little long and I'm able to see the message before notification occurs. In that case, no notification is required so I get nothing...

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