ubports-installer hangs while hogging the CPU

  • Good morning,

    Yesterday a oneplus one arrived and I'm trying to install ubports, without success. I'm using the installer GUI from the website, debian package ubports-installer_0.2.5-beta_amd64.deb, the host OS is Ubuntu 19.04. The phone is OK, it booted normally to Android when I got it. I'm using the installer GUI from the website, debian package ubports-installer_0.2.5-beta_amd64.deb, the host OS is Ubuntu 19.04

    First, I have to do sudo ubports-installer. When running as a normal user, the device isn't recognized. Next, I reboot the phone to bootloader and connect with usb to the computer. the installer now recognizes the phone. I use the defaults: channel 16.04/stable, no wipe (I also tried with wipe, with the same result) and click install and continue while tailing ~/.cache/ubports/ubports-installer.log The log says:

    {"level":"debug","message":"install event started with options: {\"device\":\"bacon\",\"channel\":\"ubports-touch/16.04/stable\",\"wipe\":false}","timestamp":"20
    {"level":"debug","message":"adb shell: echo 1","timestamp":"2019-08-31T09:59:55.638Z"}
    {"level":"info","message":"Instructing manual reboot","timestamp":"2019-08-31T09:59:55.662Z"}
    {"level":"info","message":"Press and hold the volume up and power buttons until the phone reboots.","timestamp":"2019-08-31T09:59:55.662Z"}
    {"level":"info","message":"fastboot: wait for device","timestamp":"2019-08-31T09:59:55.674Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"Executing: fastboot devices","timestamp":"2019-08-31T09:59:55.688Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"Download startCheck","timestamp":"2019-08-31T09:59:55.977Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"checked: recovery-bacon.img","timestamp":"2019-08-31T09:59:56.291Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"/home/jal/.cache/ubports/images/bacon/recovery-bacon.img exists with the expected checksum, so the download will be skipped.","timest
    {"level":"debug","message":"checked: boot-bacon.img","timestamp":"2019-08-31T09:59:56.588Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"/home/jal/.cache/ubports/images/bacon/boot-bacon.img exists with the expected checksum, so the download will be skipped.","timestamp"
    {"level":"debug","message":"checked: LOGO.img","timestamp":"2019-08-31T09:59:56.602Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"/home/jal/.cache/ubports/images/bacon/LOGO.img exists with the expected checksum, so the download will be skipped.","timestamp":"2019
    {"level":"info","message":"Download complete","timestamp":"2019-08-31T09:59:56.603Z"}
    {"level":"info","message":"Flashing images...","timestamp":"2019-08-31T09:59:56.614Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"fastboot: flash; [{\"type\":\"recovery\",\"url\":\"http://cdimage.ubports.com/devices/recovery-bacon.img\",\"checksum\":\"9b5bf80d1cf
    {"level":"info","message":"Booting into recovery image...","timestamp":"2019-08-31T09:59:57.902Z"}
    {"level":"info","message":"bootstrap done: rebooting automatically","timestamp":"2019-08-31T09:59:58.340Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"adb shell: echo 1","timestamp":"2019-08-31T10:00:00.342Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"adb shell: echo 1","timestamp":"2019-08-31T10:00:02.342Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"adb shell: echo 1","timestamp":"2019-08-31T10:00:04.342Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"adb shell: echo 1","timestamp":"2019-08-31T10:00:06.342Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"adb shell: echo 1","timestamp":"2019-08-31T10:00:08.342Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"adb shell: echo 1","timestamp":"2019-08-31T10:00:10.342Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"adb shell: echo 1","timestamp":"2019-08-31T10:00:12.342Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"adb shell: echo 1","timestamp":"2019-08-31T10:00:14.342Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"adb shell: echo 1","timestamp":"2019-08-31T10:00:16.342Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"adb shell: echo 1","timestamp":"2019-08-31T10:00:18.342Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"adb shell: echo 1","timestamp":"2019-08-31T10:00:20.342Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"adb shell: echo 1","timestamp":"2019-08-31T10:00:22.342Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"adb shell: echo 1","timestamp":"2019-08-31T10:00:24.342Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"adb shell: echo 1","timestamp":"2019-08-31T10:00:26.342Z"}
    {"level":"debug","message":"adb shell: echo 1","timestamp":"2019-08-31T10:00:28.342Z"}

    These debug messages keep coming, every few seconds. The terminal from which I started the installer says:

    Pug interceptor registered successfully
    info: Welcome to the UBports Installer version 0.2.5-beta!
    info: Instructing manual reboot
    info: Press and hold the volume up and power buttons until the phone reboots.
    info: fastboot: wait for device
    info: Download complete
    info: Flashing images...
    info: Booting into recovery image...
    info: bootstrap done: rebooting automatically

    The phone says "Fastboot mode" and the installer GUI says "Waiting for device to enter recovery mode" and "Flashing recovery and boot images". Meanwhile the PC CPU is being hogged by ubports-installer, but apart from the nothing seems to be installed. I've tried waiting for hours, but nothing happens (apart from the CPU getting fried).

    When I abort the install and reboot the phone, it says "Powered by Ubuntu - Supported by ubports" plus the logos but it doesn't boot any further. Luckily I can boot into recovery mode so I can try the install again, but with the same result.

    This is quite a bummer, my old BQ4.5 is broken so I'm phoneless at the moment. Is this a known issue? Can anyone recommend a workaround?


    (I also asked here: https://github.com/ubports/ubports-installer/issues/871)

  • @joolz Can you please try with the latest installers https://github.com/ubports/ubports-installer/releases/tag/0.2.6-beta. You are nearly there. If you hit the same issue try running the AppImage as SU in a terminal which seems to solve the issue. I'll try and find the link.

    Found it https://github.com/ubports/ubports-installer/issues/593

  • Thanks @Lakotaubp , it finally worked. The combination that did it for me was starting the appimage after shelling with sudo -i. Starting as sudo appimage or the deb (root or not) did not work.

  • @joolz

    I wonder what differences you'll notice with the OPO to your BQ?!

  • @joolz Glad your all sorted ENJOY 🙂

  • @3arn0wl so far, it seems like a solid phone, but with (software) issues. Installation (solved), no wifi, no camera flash, not possible to install apps from openstore... Hope I get these sorted soon, I might be back in separate threads for these 🙂

  • @joolz
    I've had a OnePlus One for a few weeks on which I installed UT (16.04/rc 2019-W33/2), I have no issue with wireless, but I confirm that the camera flash doesn't work (I was sure it worked?!?)

    The OpenStore had issues most of the last day due to its database provider being down, the situation should be resolved now (it is for me).


  • @joolz

    🙂 bigger screen, more grunt and more storage though!

    I hope you get the software issues sorted.

  • @normandc thanks and confirmed, it's working again.

  • @normandc Flash and zoom not working are known issues for OPO but unfortunately nobody is working on this (as we do not know the resolution for it).

  • @Flohack
    Thanks, I knew about zoom not working since it's mentioned somewhere on the UBports website, but I wasn't aware of the flash issue.

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