Fairphone 2 new apps won't show in "manage"

  • except for libertine apps. I can't check them or uncheck them

  • Where exactly is this "manage" you are looking at? What channel are you on?

  • @dobey I'm on 16.04 stable on fresh install. I mean the menu you can bring up when in the launcher to supposedly check or uncheck scopes that will appear in said launcher... maybe I misunderstood something though !

  • You need to "favorite" (click on the star so it's enabled) the scope, and then when viewing the main apps scope, you can swipe inside the scope to from right to left (not from edge of screen), to switch to the Desktop Apps scope. There you will see the apps installed in your libertine containers.

    Swipe the other direction to return to main Apps scope.

  • @dobey This I understood but precisely I can't favourite any other scope but Desktop apps. They don't show up in that menu you bring up in the main scopes app, whether they're default scopes or the ones I installed later on. No stars are to be seen near any scope whatsoever

  • What scopes did you install? How are those related to apps?

    Also, scopes will being away in a couple more OTAs, as the dash/scopes are replaced by a new app drawer in new unity8.

  • @Emphrath - the only Scopes, besides the default App Scope and the additional Desktop App Scope, that currently work in Xenial are Calls, Events, Messages and Falcon. All the rest are for the previous discontinued Vivid version only.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • @TotalSonic OK thanks a lot for your patience I understand now everything's fine I was confused

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