Switching wlan hotspot to custom IP address range

  • These are the steps I did to use instead of the default address range.


    • The IP range is hardcoded in network-manager-1.2.x branch, which is used in UBports 16.04 (xenial). Therefore one have to rebuild the package! A good tool is to perform the rebuild on an x86 or x86_64 PC under Ubuntu is sbuild. Setup an environment for xenial-armhf, login there, and perform a normal debuild for the package.

    • The latest version of network-manager in Xenial is network-manager-1.2.6. This is compatible with the original 1.2.2.


    1. Open the file src/devices/nm-device.c
      Somewhere at the line 4834 (nm version 1.2.6) find the line like this:
    guint32 start = (guint32) ntohl (0x0a2a0001); /* */

    The hex value is just calculated from the gateway's dotted decimal IP address of the desired network.
    See this:

    0a = 10
    2a = 42
    00 = 0
    01 = 1

    Calculate your desired IP. Use 1, as the gateway, or read the code further how to adjust the netmask if you want another gw address. Mine is now

    192 = c0
    168 = 80
    7 = 07
    1 = 01

    My modified line is like this now:

    guint32 start = (guint32) ntohl (0xc0a80701); /* */

    Now locate debian/rules file, and remove everything under override_dh_auto_test: line. Tests break in a chrooted environment. So it should look like this:


    You can also modify the configure part to avoid building any tests. Change the line:

    --with-tests \


    --without-tests \

    Simple enough, ready!

    Now rebuild your package. You will get several deb files after a successful build, but you need only network-manager-1.2.x.deb. Deploy it on the phone. Reboot, and enjoy the new hotspot network!

  • Does this also apply to RNDIS? I assume yes since hotspot and RNDIS share the same IP range at the moment.

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