Do Not Disturb Mode

  • Hello,
    I'm brand new to UBports. I just purchased a Nexus 5 and installed OTA-10. I've got a bunch of questions, but will start with this one. I would like to use UBports as my daily driver OS, but I cannot find where to program the "do not disturb" feature at night. Couldn't find anything in documentation. Is there a do not disturb for the Nexus 5?

    Thank you in advance for all your help!!!!!

  • There is no programmable do-not-disturb atm. You can turn on silent mode easily by swiping down on the status bar from the little speaker icon, then flipping the silent mode switch.

  • In addition to the silent-mode there is also a flight-mode. If you switch it on your phone is offline but still usuable for example as an alarm clock in the morning.

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  • Both of those options would work, but they shut out the whole world. The point of do not disturb is that any contacts in your favorites folder can still get through via phone or text. The rest of the world is blocked. Seems like a very valuable feature to have.

  • @Darc-Vader

    I guess the way to proceed with that then is to put in a feature request. I'm not saying that it will be implemented or implemented any time soon, but if it's something you find valuable then, no doubt others will find it so too.

  • Thank you. I will do that.

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