Magisk Root on Anbox Possible? Patched boot.img installs but su permission denied. Help & Ideas

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    I wanted to attempt to give root anbox apps permission through a superuser app was my intention. Any other ways without a normal superuser? Magisk Manager app successfully patches the anbox-boot.img and anbox is still installed, nothing crashes.
    Replacing these commands
    sudo fastboot flash $PARTITIONNAME anbox-boot-$CODENAME.img"
    with "sudo fastboot flash boot anboxmagiskboot.img" (which I put in my /home/username folder[same place wget download would go too]) succeeds and anbox does appear to get installed correctly.
    Magisk app does shows magisk is uninstalled still but I believe if I flashed onto a fully 100% read-write system it might work or there may be a solution I can't figure out.
    I anbox installed a terminal apk typed su which leads me to "/system/bin/sh: su: can't execute: Permission denied" error.
    Went to over to regular phablet shell and issued "sudo chmod 755 /system/bin/sh" & "sudo chmod 755 /system" etc but led to read only file system error. Any ideas or input on this? 🤔

  • You are misunderstanding how Ubuntu Touch and Anbox work. Please, read what others are replying to you and take this on board. We're really trying to help you be successful with Ubuntu Touch... please don't take this as trying to attack you in any way..

    When you run adb shell and are presented with phablet@ubuntu-phablet, you have shell access to an Ubuntu system. Not an Android system. The layout of files is very different from Android. Ubuntu Touch is not an Android ROM. It is an Ubuntu system which runs on Android hardware.

    Anbox is not a complete install of Android. It is a container which can be used to run some Android apps from the Ubuntu Touch environment. You will not be able to do everything you are able to do in Android within Anbox. If that is all you want, I suggest flashing Lineage and forgetting about this. Ubuntu Touch will not provide you with what you want on your mobile device. It's a waste of your time to try to continue this way.

    Anbox will probably not pass SafetyNet ever. For that reason, Magisk will not be useful to you. The use of Magisk is to modify your Android system without actually modifying it, allowing all of the security checks to succeed

    I think you might be jumping in on the deep end before knowing how to tread water... Ubuntu Touch does not work the way you expect it to. It will not work the way you expect it to. My suggestion is to poke around the Ubuntu shell first. Check out how things are working, see what's running, see how it boots and runs. Read our software development guides to learn how software is packaged and installed, and maybe the porting guide to learn how the system becomes compatible with Android hardware. Next, check out the code for Anbox. The documentation is a bit sparse, but you'll need to understand its code to know what's really going on. Then, you may have more insight to look into using Magisk.

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    you flash a seperate boot.img with anbox and it was successfull got patched I thought I may be able to have a superuser. If it was fully read write I believe it would be possible just like how the keyboard works across multiple apps. Can everybody stop harassing me to hit the books yall are way too dense the f. It is a question that stands

  • @errorcodevortex Please understand people are trying to help and point you in the right direction. I cannot answer your questions, but those that can have tried to assist. Some of the things you are trying are not supported by Ubports and so you will not find the answers here but you may get directed to where you can find that info if its possible to do what you want.
    @UniSuperBox has pointed you to our docs that my help.Try to follow that advice and not get frustrated with us for not having to hand the answers you think we should.
    Ubports is a small community and has to concentrate on making the project achieve its aims and goals not get distracted by side issues and project. Other groups and forums my have the answers you need. No one here is trying to frustrate your efforts just trying to help.

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    @UniSuperBox @Lakotaubp Then if you can't answer don't reply and waste everyones time. I am not misunderstanding the whole concepts of anbox or ubuntu touch. You guys think I'm five or something but I understand more of this than you guys it seems. I completely understand the concept of a container, root is still possible in a container. I am comfortable with adb commands have been using them for many years now, giving me tons of completely unrelated information. I'm not using lineageos for a reason as in I see something here this is also not my main device. I dont care if root passes the safety net and it could still pass quite likely that is not the point, I would just like any type of superuser permission for my root apps which I believe and appears on its face entirely possible. Anyone who knows what they are talking about should understand this . Magisk or supersu could be of tremendous use to me and many others on anbox who have asked about it. And everyone is continuing to grill me instead of contribute its sickening, not the sense of community or open-source I expected to face at all from here.

  • @errorcodevortex Please for the second and final time do not ping people not involved in a threadout of the blue to answer your question.
    Also your language is now getting rude and intolerant. Please remember good/ strong discussion is encouraged and expected. Offensiveness and rudeness is not.

  • @errorcodevortex, we're trying to help the best we can. I'm speaking to you as the development manager of Ubuntu Touch, and I'm here in that capacity. I hope that is "good enough" or close enough to "knowing what I'm talking about" for you. I'm telling you that I have never done what you are trying to do, and I don't think it'll work the way you're trying to make it work. I base that on my knowledge of the system as the manager of development. We haven't done what you're trying to do, so all we can do is try to guide you to find the answers you need.

    If our answers aren't what you want and you know you can do what you're trying to do, please do it. Find a way to do it. Prove us wrong, and shove it in our faces with a guide for how to do it. But respectfully though.

  • Also, I'm pretty sure Anbox container is already "rooted" as it's a "development" image build of AOSP.

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