Any Working Browser on Anbox Oneplus One? Webview does not open, duckduck crashes on search

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    Trying to update frdroid gms repositories but can't confirm key without opening a browser on the android side. All apps appear to be connected to internet fine, webview does not open at all on fresh install on oneplus. Duckduckgo search suggestions appear but upon search app crashes, chrome, and I have heard Opera also do not work. Anyone find a fix? How does it work on the devices which do have a working browser, can you search directly through default webshell? Tried to fiddle with default settings, browser apps, enabled permissions but no dice. Link to working original webshell apk?

  • @errorcodevortex Can you please not keep pinging individual people each time you ask a question. Just posting the question is enough. If you are answering a specific person in a specific thread that is different.

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  • Please also stop pasting the same things as new threads and also as replies in existing threads. It is rude and wasting peoples' time.

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    @dobey I didn't paste nothing this is its own question there is not another thread for this issue specifically, its not wasting time if we find and answer and it helps other people too. I ain't asking all these randoms who don't know the answers to what I'm asking to answer everytime like reddit bots. No one is obligated to answer any of them but many here seem to act like their entitled to a denoting every post I make. I honestly don't understand what the issue is I didn't come here with the intentions of upsetting people I wanted to help contribute/ troubleshoot really. If its not allowed delete the threads or get off my case with the nonsense unless you have real contributions to the questions I'm asking. Responses like yours not mine are the one wasting peoples time.

  • @errorcodevortex You are obviously not reading or taking in what people have as far as I can see very politely said or pointed out to you over the last few days. Nor the fact that that this type of behaviour would not be tolerated and the consequence of so doing. I am sorry but I will be locking this thread .

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