UBtouch hard-crashing on Nexus 5 while surfing the internet

  • Hi all, first time poster here. I'm just a pretty basic Linux enduser, so I dont have as much troubleshooting experience. Decided to install Ubuntu Touch on my old Nexus 5. It wasn't in a great shape to begin with, it has approximately 3 hours of battery life.

    Installation goes smoothly, but now my phone hard crashes after I browse the internet for 2-3 minutes. Just went to dark as if the battery has been depleted. After the crash I cannot turn the phone back on. It would show the "nexus 5 powered by ubuntu" screen and then goes back to black as if it doesn't have enough battery to boot. The only way to revive the phone is by connecting it to the charging USB. On the first boot after the crash, the phone reads 0% battery and charging, even though the battery was >90% at the time of the crash. Rebooting the phone fixes the battery issue, as it now reads correctly again.

    This problem is 100% repeatable at least on my device. Any help?

  • @micnd90 have you tried to reinstall UT ?

  • @lduboeuf said in UBtouch hard-crashing on Nexus 5 while surfing the internet:

    have you tried to reinstall UT ?

    Thanks for the reply man! No, but why would I expect anything different? It was stock installation, through snapd from Manjaro. Everything went smoothly and I did not fiddle with any of the settings. I guess I can try another fresh install from bootable USB ubuntu to get as vanilla installation experience as possible, but I would really appreciate if people have other smaller troubleshooting options before I'm going through the nuclear reinstall option

  • Has the battery been replaced? If not, it may need to be. If the battery useful capacity has been diminished enough, then 90% may not be much energy at all.

    You can try to perform a battery recalibration, but it sounds like a hardware issue.

  • From my experience with N5 as daily phone (RC): Crashes of the webbrowser can lead to restarts of unity, but normally not to system crashes. And the battery is always heavily used, but crashes don't drain it totally. Did the phone got very hot?
    Sometimes the webbrowser crashes with drop-down menues/forms that are opened as new windows.
    Updating the firmware improves battery life...

  • @htc_tattoo On FP2 webbrowser still leads to system crash (less with firmware updated, but nonetheless)

    @micnd90 I had the exact same behaviour on a (very) old sony xperia sp; it's called a "battery drop" - are you positive it came with UT ? I experienced this on android myself

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