[Solved] Not able to register telegram on Nexus 5

  • Hi,
    yesterday I flashed a new nexus 5 with OTA 10. I'm using telegram on iphone actually, but while installing telegram on nexus 5, iphone was shut down - so I don't recognized the "code" for registration. I thought, that code would sent directly to nexus 5 device... I checked my mistake later. So I tried many times to register, there was also a window to type the code... (But I get no one, so I started procedure again and again...)

    And today it is competly impossible to register telegram. While registration no code is sending (receiving on iPhone). AND: The window to type the code not appears! I can type my phone number and then there is a endless "blue circle". If I quit telegram then and restart, there appears a white window...

    I deleted the cache and the other entries with tweak tool - no change!

    Today I flashed the phone again (with wipe!). BUT NO CHANGE!

    Thank you for help! I need telegram very much on my phone!

    Sorry for my bad english!!!



  • Well, I think, there were to many tries to register! I have to wait a while - registering telegram just now on my ubuntu desktop was also not successful, it appears: To much tries, try later again...

    Knows anybody, how long I must (should) wait?


  • Guten Morgen,

    versuche es mit der App Teleports, diese wird offiziell fortgesetzt von UBports, Telegram wird nicht mehr fortgesetzt meiner Meinung.

    Viele Grüße


    Good Morning,

    try with the app Teleports -this is the official ongoing of UBports. I think Telegram is no more in developing.

    Kind regards


  • Thank you. Telegram now works.

  • How can I mark this thread "solved"?

  • @1896er Click on the three vertical dots bottom right of the post next to Reply Quote etc. Then edit.

  • @Lakotaubp But there is no "solved"-button...? Should I type it?

  • @1896er Yes just put Solved after the Nexus 5" bit of the title. Any problems and I can do it for you.

  • It is time to remove Telegram-App from the store...

  • I'm using Teleport now - it works fine!!!

    So, I wrote the word "solved" in the title... I didn't found any other options...

    Thank you very much!

  • @Flohack Yes, this is confusing...

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