How to delete (and reinstall) fluendo mp3 decoder?

  • Hi,
    i would like to delete the "fluendo mp3" decoder. The sound with this decoder is not very well. I made this step some years before on E5 (UT 15.04) and it was easy. (

    But now I'm not able to do this. In terminal (writable mode) I start apt-get update and then remove fluendo - but it seems there is no fluendo? I would like to install only the gstreamer ugly package.

    Thank you for help!

    Best regards!


  • I believe the E5 HD supports hardware decoding of MP3, so that would be getting used instead of any software decoder.

  • No, on E5 it was a successful process: Install ugly-plugins, remove fluendo-mp3 decoder, voila: very fine sound!

    Actually I could remove the fluendo-mp3 decoder, BUT now there is no sound at all. Gstreamer-plugins-ugly are installed (gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly-amr is already the newest version (1.8.3-1ubuntu0.1)), restart done.

    Reinstalling the fluendo-decoder isn't possible ("Unable to locate package gstreamer1.0-fluendo-mp3-amr"). How can I reinstall it? The sound is not so good, but it's better than no sound...

    Any help? Reflash phone?


  • @1896er said in How to delete (and reinstall) fluendo mp3 decoder?:


    This is not all of the plug-ins from the ugly package. It is only an amr plug-in.

    @1896er said in How to delete (and reinstall) fluendo mp3 decoder?:


    amr has nothing to do with mp3 or fluendo, so why do you have it added to the end of the package like this?

    Beyond that, modifying the rootfs with apt is not a supported action, and any changes you make in this way will be overwritten by system-image updates in the future, unless you've created the .writable_image file which disables system updates (ie, you've declared to the system to not support your device).

  • Well, I made the same steps like a few years before on E5. Back then it was successful, I need to type that amr-adition, got the information from unbuntu-forums... I don't know exactly, but it runs!

    But now there is no success on Nexus 5... I flashed my phone again - no problem...

    BUT: The sound quality from mp3-files is not very good. And I think, the fluendo decoder is the reason. I deleted it also from my desktop ubuntu machine (18.04) - and sound quality is much better!

    So, if there is any idea to delete the fluendo-decoder and only run the ugly-plugins, so tell me please. And sorry, I'm only a normal user, I'm not very firm in Linux, but I'm very interested in it!

    Thank you very much!

  • @1896er Technically, I don't have the skills to confirm or deny what you're saying. But I do agree that BQ E5 HD sound is not the one that has the best quality of all UT phones. And if, indeed, what you say is true and that it can be solved by a technical solution for all , then so much the better !

  • In 2017 I have deleted the fluendo decoder on Nexus 4, M10 FHD and E5. It was 15.04 system. (and installed gst-ugly plugins) All devices sounds with mp3-files much better! For me... FLAC or ogg sounds very good without any change. Same effect on desktop machine... It is not a UT specific problem...

    I prefer classical music and use very good headphones... Well, using an old Nokia N900 (Linux Debian system...), there is very fine sound with mp3-files out of the box...

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