Ubuntu Phone Bq 4.5 don't detect SIM card after flash with ubports!

  • Hi,
    I flash today my phone and it don't detect any SIM card! Can someone help me to solve this?

  • My e4.5 started losing sims last summer. They were detected again when i restored factory settings, but after few weeks they were gone again. After some time i installed Android into it, and sims worked for few months but then they faded away and haven't got them back since.

    For me it was clearly hardware problem and possibly it is your devices time also 🙂

    Try doing factory reset first.

  • @mpnegro, I remember an old bug that when someone put a sim in a running Ubuntu phone, the phone didn't recognize it and there was the trick to switch on and off the flight mode button. That '"activated" the sim card.

  • Hi
    Thks for the replays.
    @jamesp The phone was working ok before i flash the device, so probably this is not hardware problem.
    @advocatux I've done that, and don't work.
    If no solution I'm going to try to reflash with the Bq Image again and see if it starts to work.

  • @mpnegro, are the sim card contacts clean? Any dirt inside the sim card slot? Any possibility there's a bad contact?

    Good luck.

  • Did you flash it with bq flash tool or Ubports installer?

    I once flashed it with bq flash tool and accidentally formatted the whole thing and phone lost it's IMEI codes and was unable to use sims. Phone did reqoqnize sims, but sims were not able to register in network. Imeis can be restored through Android. Not sure if it is possible with UT.

  • @mpnegro Just to say that we did not change anything that could trigger this problem IMHO. There are no updates to ofonod, or maybe @mariogrip can tell us more? 🙂


  • https://github.com/ubports/ubports-touch bug tracker should be the place to report this thread i think

  • Hi All,
    After reflashing again, clean the SIM card, change and re-change the SIM slot, it finally detected the SIM card. Probably something is damage, or in the SIm or in the slot. Thks for the help

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