BQ E4.5 audio via speaker only on one speaker

  • My BQ E4.5 runs the latest UBports OTA. Yesterday I detected(!) (i.e. the problem is perhaps older), that audio comes only out from one of the two speakers in the bottom of the device. One can easy test this by just taping with the finger first one and then the other and listen to the level of the audio noise. First, I thought in a hardware issue (the devices are now more than 4 years old), but the same is also true with the E4.5 of my son which still runs the latest Canonical OTA.

    Any ideas?

  • Sorry to say, but it really has only one speaker. See the following picutre: - the part on the right is the speaker.

    The holes in the case may trick you into a stereo output feeling, but it really isnt ,)


  • I do not need stereo and I only detected by the way that audio came out from only one of them. I was more concerned about, that the other somehow failed already. But, no. And so it's fine. Thanks for the reply.

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