Mobile data usage monitoring (dataMonitor app)

  • Hi all,
    just wanted to start a thread about my first app development job, to inform you I have made the heavy lift (hopefully!) for having most of the fundamental features in place to bring such a functionality to the Ubuntu Touch OS.
    The link to my Gitlab repository page is: dataMonitor app, where it is saved the most up to date .click version 0.1.2 (in the folder /build/app).
    The very latest commit is important because it is regarding fixing the bug about received bytes from the SIM connection not detected (wi-fi received data monitoring was working since the beginning).
    I'd need some help to find out if it is working for you as it is working for me, but please bear in mind the app is UNCONFINED and runs a daemon on the background, so, you never know, better to install it, if you are willing to help, on a test device and not on a daily driver.

    I also would like to use this thread to invite the UT community to share ideas and feature requests to improve this app and having it in a better shape to be eventually ready to be published in the OpenStore or integrated in the OS.
    I was similarly involved and committed to help with the Linphone app developed by @CiberSheep and Brian and it was a great experience, very exciting and rewarding even if I didn't contribute very much at its development.
    I started to work on this app because I felt a modern OS as UT cannot lack in this regard. Also, I read several times on this Forum and on Telegram about people asking for it or complaining for this lack; unfortunately, sometimes the reply to those people was that sure, the data usage monitoring app was missing in the UT OS but they could easily ask their SIM Provider to provide information as a workaround, which I felt a bit unhelpful and insufficient: I don't know your case but in my Country I cannot trust Providers, they are quite nifty so in my humble opinion it is very important to have the ability to monitor the received data on our own, to check on our Providers.

    Thank you in advance.


    P.S. here below some screenshots of the app running on my phone.


  • Hey, good idea. What's missing is the labeling of the axes. So for the x-axis it is DOM (day of month) and for the y-axis it's MB, MiB or whatever you're displaying.
    I think it's also interesting to see the whole data usage at one sight without to summate the usage of every single day.

  • @kristatos thank you for your nice advice: I already planned to implement labels but it is not at the top of my list, speaking for priorities.
    In regards to your suggestion about the total data usage, maybe there is a misunderstanding, since the very last column already shows the total usage, you don't have to make a sum of each column, you just have to look at the last one to know how many MBytes you received up to the last day; however, I'm planning to add somewhere a cell with the total MBytes usage written in numbers, to be more clear.

  • Hi All,
    just to revive this thread, I'd like to inform the Community that the dataMonitor app, object of the present thread, is still in heavy development by me but right now I'm committed in fixing some little glitches and bringing in UI improvements before to update it again on Gitlab to the last version. This version will be a big one, since it will also bring some gestures I worked on during this time I missed from the present thread.
    I'd like to share with you some pics of the very latest build:



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