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  • @ernest said in Oneplus 3/3T:

    The Oneplus Kernel for test purposes need to be install through the standard halium base install that I've provided

    Might have to wait awile as will need to learn how to do that...looks tricksy for my skills and assume beyond just installing through twrp

    or am I making it sound worse than it is
    Not yet mastered the ssh stuff yet and looked at this and thought...hmm no!

  • @pglushkov said in Oneplus 3/3T:

    @Stefano , @Lakotaubp , thank you very for your replies!
    Have another question though. Yesterday updated my OP3T to latest available version and tried to acquire my location using Pure Maps application. However even after 20 minutes waiting, Pure Maps still could not acquire the location (it has the permission, I double-checked). In the list of what should work on OP3, GPS is listed as 'working'. Does it really work? Are there any ways to make sure that it really works? Mb some console utility to access the GPS module and get a raw position from it as some RINEX file or smth?
    Many thanks!

    It works on my 3T. I set it up ages ago and can't remember how long it took to make the location, although I think it was quite a long time; maybe more than 20 mins! I opened the app just now and it displayed my local map so I tried to make a navigation search. In the navigation window of the app in the 'From current position' box the little spinner shows it is searching, but nothing seemed to happen. So I checked the phone settings to make sure location detection was enabled and found in 'System Settings > Security & Privacy > Location' that Pure Maps was on. But from the pull down menu of settings from the top bar 'Location Detection' was toggled off. Maybe it is the same for you?

    After I toggled the second switch it did not take very long to be detected. Good luck.

  • Hello @ziggutas, tried to follow your steps. In the end all kinda worked, in about 15 mins got the position fix. However it happened after many tries and certain moments are still very unclear to me:

    1. The only way it worked is when I disabled the screen-lock by timeout and let the application to actively search for position for 15+ minutes. Then if finally could resolve it.
    2. When screen went blocked and blackened - seems like the GPS followed it and no position search was happenning, cause in such state (with blackened screen and enabled location service) my phone could not resolve the position for 40+ minutes
    3. When phone was active, but the Pure Maps app was not - it seems like no position resolution was happening in the background as well, because after phone being active and not blocked for 30+ minutes, after launching the Pure Maps app - still it had no position resolved.
      All of this is counter intuitive and not the way it worked on my Meizu Pro5 with UT. Could someone more experienced elaborate on this please? Thanks a lot!

    P.S. bug with no signaling of incoming calls still persists on my OP3T with UT 16.04 build 105. It works in about 50% of tries. Tried in both silent and non-silent modes, when the phone is blocked - it does not give any signs of the incoming call, only when you activate the screen - then it starts vibrating or ringing. But at least SMS signaling was fixed - in now clearly gives a signal about incoming SMSs in both active and inactive states.

  • @pglushkov said in Oneplus 3/3T:

    build 105

    What is the day of this build?

    I got a user of OP3T got it ringtone fixed. @mateo_salta ?

  • @ernest Hi! Day of the build is probably Jan 20, cause OS Build Number is reported as 2020-01-20/2.

  • @pglushkov
    Can you paste the output of cat /system/etc/audio_platform_info.xml into ?

  • @Stefano does this procedure also work for Pro5 as well? I'm planning to test it, if possible.

  • @matteo I think not, because it's Exynos chipset, this I believe was done for Snapdragon devices. But I might be wrong?

  • @ernest said in Oneplus 3/3T:

    Can you paste the output of cat /system/etc/audio_platform_info.xml into ?

    Of course! But could you please give more specific description of the 'experiment'? Should I just call the phone while it is in sleep-mode, see of it will not respond, end the call and then just send you the log?

  • @pglushkov
    Nothing specific it's a config file, I want to ensure you got the right version fixing the ringtone

  • @ernest
    Finally figured how to submit the text there, had to remove the starting/ending XML tags-brackets from opening/ending 'audio_platform_info' tag, cause otherwise system would complain that no scripts are allowed for submission 🙂 I've submitted the config using my e-mail in the name field : Please check.

  • @mariogrip wrote: "Call now do work on the latest release." Is this still the case? I am considering acquiring a Oneplus 3 (T) to install UT onto. I would feel pretty bad if things were otherwise at the moment (I think they are still quite expensive).

    I am looking for an Android/iPhone-free smart phone. When I read about UT I was immediately interested. However, I have no programming knowledge/skills. Hope this will work. What is a phone without the use of being able to make calls...?

  • @paarsplantje yes calls work, ive been using a op3t as a daily driver for a few months now without any real issues

  • @paarsplantje Calls work on the latest release, you don't really need any programming skills for Ubuntu Touch since almost everything works out of the box.

    EDIT: you do have to install the openstore manually since the arm64 version doesn't come preinstalled

  • @paarsplantje The camera doesn't work on OP3T, but on the OP3 I think.

  • @dieharddan , @ComLarsic I'm sorry, but I just cannot back your words here. Thorough testing of my OP3T shows that in its current state calls work about 5-6 times out of 10 on average. I'm still waiting for reply from @ernest to know whether there is just issue with my audio-config or if that could be something else. In either case - fresh install of the latest available UT version did not fix the issue with phone-calls for me.

  • @pglushkov I would like to hear from you how and if this problem has been solved.

  • how is it gooing with bleutooth functionallity i need it for some work related devices if i use an op3 with ut as daily driver for work phone

  • @pglushkov Without the link I cannot access to you submission on

  • @pglushkov huh, thats strange. I seem to get incoming calls 100% of the time. but then again, I am on my phone a lot, so I could just be cathing them quickly.

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