The New Selection Mode

  • I just updated OTA (the updater called it Version 9). I spotted in the release notes that there is now a new "selection mode". When your cursor is on some text, you long hold space. Swipe to get the cursor to the starting point, then double tap to switch to the mode where you swipe to drag out your range of selected text. Now you can tap cut/copy as usual, but with this excellent mode, you can exactly and easily pick your exact range of text.

    Well done! I will be using this feature very often. And since your dragging/control of the selected range doesn't make you put your finger on top of the text you're trying to select (how dumb is that?), this solution is as easy as any I've ever used on a phone. Just remember to long hold space to activate it when you want to select text.

  • @vandys said in The New Selection Mode:

    (the updater called it Version 9).

    Yes, OTA-11 is the ninth release to Stable since the change to the new build infrastructure. The numbers can be confusing, but I think the best way is to apply the update and then check on the About page in System Settings what OTA you are actually on.

  • @vandys Let me note an enhancement request; I'm in the browser, a text pane with some content I want to copy and later paste to another window. It's not an input field, so I still can only reach the old--very limited--text selection widget. Any chance one of the buttons on the selector widget can be "advanced selection" to reach the new code?

  • @vandys Sadly, that would need to be implemented in the browser (QtWebEngine). I think the newer version of QtWebEngine has it already. Hopefully we'll get it soon.

  • I saw it in the q&a. This indeed is a great feature. It is much easyer now to handle text with the phone. Realy great improvement

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