Options for a good XMPP client?

  • Nice XMPP/Jabber support in UT would be cool, but so far there seems to be only the Loqui.im, Kaidan and Movim.

    Loqui works reasonably well, but XMPP support really seems to be a stop-gap for them and it isn't really developed very actively. As a HTML5 app it also isn't very well integrated with notifications etc.

    Kaidan seems promising, but the Kirigami UI is really alien in UT and right now it is still lacking too many features to be usable.

    Movim is another HTML5 app and hasn't been updated for a while. It probably is a decent option, but depends on an external web-service (in addition to your XMPP server) and also doesn't do encrypted chats.

    Other options:

    1. Make a HTML5 app with ConverseJS ( https://conversejs.org/ )
      (Could probably be made better with some stuff from this electron port: https://github.com/nick-denry/Chimeverse )

    This would be rather cool as it supports OMEMO e2e encryption and a lot of other modern features of XMPP. But I am not sure how well notification will work and what about web-push? Also the fullscreen theme isn't really mobile optimized and thus would need quite a bit of an update.

    1. Look into porting Smoose from SailfishOS:

    Seems like a really promising start and a bit further in development than Kaidan, but I am unsure how easy it is to port over SailfishOS apps.

    1. Adopt Jabbercat:
      Currently a qt5/python desktop XMPP client not very actively developed, but this could be a good base for making a convergent XMPP app for UT touch.

    Any other ideas or suggestions?

    I might look into getting ConverseJS to run, but the other two options are way beyond my current capabilities for tinkering with code 😞

  • I personally put my faith in Kaidan, its actively developed, and hopefully it'll gain more developers since its on every platform known to man, but it does need more people on it, and it'd grow our relationship with plasma mobile, which seems to be going very well at the moment.

    Of cause if an XMPP app is made for Ubuntu or takes on the UT guidelines, then more options are arguably better, but at the moment, the only xmpp app I see making a good future on Ubuntu Touch, would be Kaidan, I believe there team will actively work on making Ubuntu touch stuff work, such as notifications, and background services, but html5 apps, especially from apps that don't know, or care that we exist, is slightly less likely to get support for features required for many people.

  • https://github.com/geobra/harbour-shmoose/issues/55

    Some interesting comments from the Smoose developer.

  • I played around with the UT Movim app a bit. Actually works reasonably well (but needs an update to Qtweb and SDK 16:04). The advantage of Movim is that it doesn't work like other XMPP clients internally (uses websockets instead) and thus should potentially work better on UT? The build in federated micro-blogging system is nice as well.

  • Hi, I will update the app in the next couple of days. Isn't much work 😉

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