No sim card detected on Nexus 5

  • Hi all,

    I had a fully working install of OTA-10 (RC channel) on my Nexus 5. I removed the sim card to use on another phone. When I put it back it said "no sim card detected" and I haven't been able to get it to recognize it since. I've tried:

    • Updating the OS to OTA-11
    • Re-installing the radio
    • Replacing the sim card with a new one

    Does anyone have any other ideas? The OS still works fine with wifi support but shows no sign of recognizing a sim. Maybe I should try downgrading? Reflashing Android and then flashing back to Ubuntu?

    Thanks in advance!

  • noobie here, i am just learning about phones, etc i am wondering if it might be a hardware problem? i don't know if it is worth trying a product called deoxit (de-oxidize-it on the SIM contacts. it's used on electronics to improve electrical continuity without harming anything, don't use WD40 or any other non specific product unless you know that it is ok to do so) i am not sure of the spelling. it used to be a low cost spray from radio shack. i think there are knock-offs now, some very small liquid (not spray) sample size. you might try fry's or an automotive parts shop or amazon

  • @kyleharvey152 Try cleaning sim putting back in and run the installer again without wipe. Just on the off chance.

  • @nobhobbor Thanks, I'll give that a try. I've been using a nano-sim adapter and further research is showing that the adapters can often damage the pins. I might end up trying to push them up a bit to see if they contact better.

    @Lakotaubp Did that twice already. Was really hoping it would do the trick.

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