How to prevent ubuntu Touch from showing own phone number (when making a call)?

  • Hi there, i'm using latest Ubuntu Touch for a while on a Nexus 5 specifically purchased for this, and have one real big problem (with this otherwise lovely OS 🙂 )...

    It seems like there is absolutely no possibility to hide my phone number when calling someone - I can't prevent the phone showing my number to the device/person on the other end.
    Is this really true or do I miss something here? 😞
    Could I edit a specific config file for this perhaps...?

    (Hiding my own phone number was a simple standard option I always used on my FirefoxOS smartphones and several older feature phones for many many years in the past.)

    Thanks for any reply! 🙂
    Best Regards,

  • Depending on your provider you have to dial something like #31# or *67.
    But it depends on your country and provider, so the best answer would be search the web for this information.
    Here there are more informations :

  • If this works for you , you could make a custom group and set this to dial ,this code, with pauses etc ,to give it time to work.
    Travelling the usa, I had a prepaid card , and set my phone up to dial the card numbers and code, then the number I needed, it was a few years ago , there must be info ,on how to set it up.
    I remember it sure saved a lot of button pressing.