Early install on Nexus 4?

  • I've seen that there is quite a bit of activity for the Nexus 4 version as well, and i have gotten increasingly tempted to switch to UBports during the last few weeks. 🙂

    I have looked at the instructions and was very happy to see that it suggests the channels under 15.04, so i thought the rc channel would be a moderate risk that i'd be able to cope with. Then i also looked under legacy and saw that the files there have later dates.

    Which one should i specify?

    I know UBports is not stable yet, but does any of you have a feeling of approximately how far off from stable it seems to be?

  • Hello,

    look at the bug list on mako,
    If you juge it acceptable you can flash, but currently it's still considered experimental

  • @ernest Thanks for your answer. It does not look very serious from the list, but also i do not understand issue #63. What does actually "Calls and network mobile information does not work" mean? I also found that issue #71 is marked as a duplicate, so is it the case that it is fine except that you can't hear when it rings and you'll not be able to connect to mobile network?

    Will i get all release candidate updates for this device by installing the 15.04/rc channel?

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