Having a lot of issues

  • Hi

    I am having a lot of problems with UT. It was working ok at first install but seems to be developing more and more problems. I re-installed last nite (without wiping user data) to see if that would help but the problems persist.

    updated with UBports installer 0.4.9-beta

    LGE Nexus 4
    OS build number OTA-11
    Stable channel
    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

    Not sure what has changed, any advice on how to proceed appreciated.


    Bluetooth mic not working with skype - distorted and garbled, always been a problem - Plantronics PLT V5200 headset

    Bluetooth disconnects during phone call several seconds after call connects - new problem. I had been able to work around this by forgetting and re-discovering headset but that no longer helps

    Music play with no problems but that's not something I use

    Screen goes to black on phone call connecting - new problem

    Screen not waking up on receiving phone calls - new problem

    Screen not waking up on receiving text messages - new problem

    Screen not waking up on alarm - new problem

    No on screen notice from text received - new problem

    No on screen notice from call missed - ?? don't remember if that was always like that

    Can only send text in portrait mode - send icon is off screen, always been a problem

    Quick Memo - items disappear on right to left swipe, this has happened several times now - new problem

    Rotation sensitivity is bothersome, screen rotates kind of erratically.

  • @mooncosmique First thing to try is rerunning the installer WITHOUT WIPE. See if that fixes any of the issues.

  • Yes, that is what I did - ran it without wiping data

  • I have re-run the installer twice now, first with the stable channel and then with the RC channel (without wiping user data) to see if there were updates that might help.

    Still having all the same issues. The phone was working well when I first installed UT, these problems have developed over time. Bluetooth is now unusable. The phone is now dropping incoming calls on connection.

    Is there anyone who can help me troubleshoot this? Is is possibly a hardware issue? I'd really like to use UT but it's become almost impossible to use the phone.


  • If i where you, i would try a complete clean install before looking at hardware. Did you see the documentation https://docs ubports.com in install section ?

  • I did a complete re-install using UBports installer 4.11 beta. Obviously different in the way a lot of things looked and worked but still all the same problems (except the send icon in messages now visible in portrait mode)

    Re-flashed the device with TWRP and then flashed LineageOS MicroG. Everything works, no problems. So not hardware - must be an incompatibility somewhere. I am certain the device is an LG Nexus 4, so IDK.

    I really wanted to use UT, I prefer the UI over the Android UI and hoped I could keep all my computing in the Linux world. If anyone has any suggestions on why this wouldn't work on this phone I may be willing to try again but the Lineage flash seems to working flawlessly, much faster loading apps and it has a lot of features that were on on my wish list.

    Again, I was coming from Web OS and that still is the best UI I have experienced as far as mobile devices go.

    Thanks to everyone for all the support

  • Just a quick follow up. It seems a lot of the issues may be related to a flaky proximity sensor. I was able to monitor it with a sensor tool I installed from F-Droid. Very intermittent. Tracked the problem down when the phone screen started going to black on the Lineage install after a couple of days. Seems to be a common problem on the Nexus 4 but there is also a chip in the glass right near the sensor, so it may be that as well.

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