Auto flight mode when device sleeps

  • Hi, all.
    This message is some kind of feature proposition, as I don't code (yet) for ubports.
    I think that, for people (like me) who don't need to be connected 24/24, but only when they open their device, it would be high energy saving to put automatically the device in flight mode when going in standby mode (as with a laptop in fact).
    I guess it would take a little more time at wake up to reconnect the networks, but its not very important to jump on the net in 1 second...
    A good way to make it possible would be a setting in preferences 'Auto-flight mode' or an app to make this behavior possible.

    Or maybe does it already exist?
    This was my friday's 2 cents have a nice week end.


  • I would assume that people who dont turn off the phone but use sleep mode do this because they want to receive phone calls, messages and push notifications. So why arent you just turning off the device in this case? The boot up time is not so long like on an old PC with old HDD...

  • @Krille
    I thought about it too... I would answer because of a bit of laziness and also to lose less time at shutdown (hold the button 3 seconds, validate...), and at boot time (+- 1 minute). What I mean is thus some kind of hibernation in my opinion it would be a useful state between sleep and shutdown.

  • Interesting... as a workaround, you can set flight mode before locking your device 🙂

  • How long does the phone need to remain off to justify the battery drain of searching for service?

    In my experience standby is pretty efficient... until you are out of service range and searching kills the battery.

  • @CiberSheep
    off course 🙂 but discipline is not my greatest quality...
    I don't know how much networks drain the battery in sleeping mode (I'm pretty sure it is not negligible) but what I also reach by this feature is the comfort not to be disturbed by network activity (notifications...)

    I searched a bit the interface and a good place to put the setting would be the Battery setting there is place for one more setting called i.e. 'Disconnect in sleep mode' . I think that this function exists at least for wifi on android.

  • @tmaes Sorry, but I don't really understand your use case.

    The feature you request seems strange and I guess not many people will use it the way you intend it.
    So probably many people won't understand this option.

    IMHO Sleep mode is already power efficient enough. It seems that going to flight mode won't make a huge difference.

    If I were you, I'd turn off the notifications or put the phone in silence mode.
    I'd eventually put my phone in 3G to reduce power usage
    This way you are not annoyed but you don't mess with something smartphones are made for.

    If your request was more about enhancing the sleep mode then don't read what's up there 😛
    I don't know how it works and how to improve.
    But as I wrote earlier : I think it's pretty efficient as it is.

    Best regards

  • @AppLee ok I understand your doubts, when I have a bit of time I'll try to learn UBports code and develop a prove of concept (for the moment I only develop in Python). And I'll make some tests to know if consumption in flight mode is considerably lower than in normal mode. thank you for your interest

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