Ubuntu Touch Installer

  • As we all know that modern handheld devices are not having a single hardware architecture as it was for desktops/laptops. This makes hell supporting different devices.
    I have few ideas and suggestions for the entire UBports community for the greater good and for everyone to play around with UBports on their devices.

    1. Support Dual Boot: There is already some progress made in this direction, by using this technology someone should be able to switch my ROM, update it and use it and play with it.
    2. I am not sure there is one drawback of any recovery, there is no internet connection, however some Dual Boot android apps have internet in primary ROM. This feature can be used to download device specific hardware layer and software updates while doing dual boot ROM installation.
    3. Separate the device specifics from UBports as much as possible.
    4. A single installer will be very good like we used to have for desktop/laptops/servers.

  • I personally think that dual boot is good for a start but I do not think it is the long term answer. I loved dual boot on my laptop as it gave me a chance to play with Ubuntu with knowing I had the safety net of being able to go back to windows when I wanted. However, with phones it may not work as well as you generally want continual access to your app such a scat and email. The long term answer is to make something nice and new, something different and most of the time that means not android or apple. Also the as that people need and use need to be made available on touch.

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