Is there a way to run Android apps?

  • hello,

    pretty much the title... I´d like to run a few Android only apps - is there a way to do this in the UT stable release? Or do I need to install Dev or Edge for this feature?

    Kind regards

  • There is an emulator called Anbox to run Android apps on a linux OS. You can find instructions about how to set it up on Ubuntu Touch in the documentation.

    However, note that:

    • It is very alpha, can lead to crashes and is not a officially supported feature (yet)
    • It is slow, as it has to emulate an Android system, so it's pretty heavy
    • It doesn't have access to your local files, contacts, etc (no bridge between Ubuntu Touch and the emulated Android)
    • It requires a patched kernel, which is only available to some devices.

  • Ok, thanks for reply!
    I think there will be no Android for my, on my Nexus 7 flo, then 😉

    Maybe I have to find a way to dual boot or something, hmmmmmmmmmm

  • There is a quite lengthy topic about Anbox on UT:

    And if you search for "anbox" in topic titles you'll find a few more with focus on specific aspects of anbox.

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