Creating simple webapp for banking site, unable to connect

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to create a simple webapp to connect to my bank's website. I'm using Webapp Creator from the Open Store.

    The app seemingly creates and install without issue. It Iaunches the connect screen. Once I type my credentials and try to connect, I get a blank page with the following error message:

    Request[/LogonSSOviaAccesWeb] does not contain handler parameter named msgId

    I'm guessing this is an error specific to the website? How can I fix this? What puzzles me is that if I create an Ogra webapp instead, it works with exactly the same parameters in Webapp Creator. I would prefer a simple webapp because the Ogra buttons mask content at the bottom of the pages.

    Please advise if more information is required.


  • @normandc
    Edit the .desktop file to configure the url pattern, Webapp Creator is a bit too simple in it's creation of the pattern for all sites to work. For example to get gmail to work I need to add:


    This allows calls to to pass to enable user authentication. While the main url is:

    For testing you can just remove url confinement to confirm the site works.

    check out:

  • @Giiba
    Thanks, but Webapp Creator does allow creation of multiple url patterns in the same way as you describe. Also, as I mentioned, why do the exact same url patterns work for an ogra webapp, but not the simple webapp option? With Ogra the login screen succeeds.

  • @normandc
    the OGRS container doesn't do url containment, so it shouldn't be a problem. The simple webapp creator is just that and just sets the containment url the same as the main url... which rarely works for me.

    You can manually change the file on phone via a text editor, with some savy permission changing in the terminal. You will find the installed files in an uncreatively (a good thing) named folder in:

  • @normandc Giiba is right your bank website is probably rederecting to another url pattern.
    In order to check that you can have a look at the log file the error will be displayed.
    Then you'll have to add another pattern with the webapp creator.

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