Dekko email notifications not showing

  • Installed the latest UBPorts Touch version 15.04 (r1) on my E5 over the weekend along with Dekko (0.6.20). I know that notifications are working for Telegram, as I am receiving them all OK. However, when I get a new email in Dekko, it does not appear in my notifications panel. I have the Telegram and Dekko (Settings > Notifications) set to the same but emails do not show. Is there something that I need to do or is this currently a known issue with the notifications?

    I have added this under general as thinking it is more of an issue with Notifications and not Dekko itself.

  • Dekko notifications seem to be very much "hit and miss". Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I even get mulitple notifications for the same e-mail at times, can be as many as 5 or more for the exact same e-mail.

    I don't know if this is an issue with Dekko or the system notifications. I would think the latter as it works fairly well on my Bq M10 FHD.

  • I never had any Dekko notifications, not in the last 2 years. Seems not an issue of UBports, but @DanChapman can explain this in detail maybe? 🙂


  • never had notifications too, and in fact it's useless until dekko lost connection when the screen is not active, and i don't think it depends on dekko for this point.

  • Such a shame that it is either not working or when it does, it is not working correct. Dekko is a great app and this if working correct would only make it better. I remember the Gmail app working correctly in Touch, but as I use more than Google as my email client, it was no good.

  • Dekko doesn't yet support notifications due to the previous platform limitations. There was(is?) gmail notifications provided by the system account-polld plugins that were supposed to be able to work with Dekko. So i presume the issues you are having are related to that plugin and not Dekko.


  • It would appear to the issue then Dan with the plug in. Do you know how this can be resolved or when Dekko will support notifications?

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