Convergence currently broken on Nexus5 on dev channel?

  • I just tried convergence with my Nexus5 again (it was working with the stable channel), and somehow it stopped working on the dev channel?

    The HDMI screen seems to recognize some incoming signal, but stays black and the mobile screen stops recognizing any touch input. The phone can also only be used again after a forced reboot.

    In addition I noticed that the image quality of the Nexus5 camera recently became really bad, with some colours being shifted. Probably unrelated, but it seems like another regression.

    Is this something actively being worked on? I know it's the dev channel, so I don't expect it to work, but maybe this is just an unintended regression?

  • @poVoq There are many known issues in the new mir/Unity 8 that are related to external display support. I think this is mainly because Canonical changed a lot and was preparing for the multi-monitor support which unfortunately was left hanging.

    But I'm pretty sure someone's looking into these although I guess they're not much of a priority considering that only few people uses it or even capable of using it.

    Good news is that there are workaround.
    Once you connect to a monitor, your phone will stop recognizing touches so you need to connect a mouse and try to restart Unity 8 (UTTT or terminal). After restarting, you'll see the desktop on your monitor 😉

    Now there's another known issue, the scaling are big in the external display except the right most corner of the screen. You'll see this if you drag an app to the right edge. You can workaround this in UTTT by setting the scaling to 8 or whichever you like. You'd have to change it back to normal though when you disconnect from your monitor.

  • Ok, good to know. Thanks for the quick answers. Definitely looking forward to it working again... I guess with the PinePhone also supporting display out, this should see more uptake in the future.

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