Virtual Reality (VR) Apps/Support?

  • I imagine this is fairly complicated, but I was just going to start a post on discussion about developing virtual reality (VR) apps down the road. I've been curious about how a "Desktop VR" would look, and I kind of think VR will be more tied to smartphones than dedicated headsets personally more than other VR people think.

    Any thoughts on how to get a "VR Display Mode" going on UT, or about creating a VNC (?) viewer tethered to a desktop view for Desktop VR view? I don't know how complicated it is to port Android apps but I was hoping to test out what already exists (for example: VR Remote Desktop)

    edit: Could discuss Augmented Reality (AR) as well...

  • @mirroronthewall Porting android apps is not the best way to achieve your goal I think.
    The best course of action is to create a native app which can integrate libs or some algorithm from Open Source projects like the one you mentioned.

    AR and VR requires some work but it's doable, just need someone motivated and with enough time to do the job.
    If I win the lottery (but I don't bet) I'll be happy to try out the AR 😉

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