Can I port UBports on a promoted device "clone" (same specs) ?

  • Hello, as the title says, if there is a Nexus 5 Hammerhead clone, I mean a smartphone from another brand, but with exactly the same CPU/GPU, is it technically possible to port UBports on it by flashing the same image ?

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • You can try but I doubt its exactly the same hardware, so certain things may break. But you can always try using the installer and manually selecting the device.

  • Thank you @Flohack . May I ask you another question please ? If this phone is a Windows phone, do you think there is technically a possibility at least that I obtain a kind of alpha state (I mean camera/GPS doesn't work, but screen works, etc.) ?
    Thank you !

  • Well thats a hard question, we do not have any experience with Windows phones, technically its possible, but it depends on if drivers are available for Linux. As those device do not ship their drivers like Android devices in more or less accessible device and vendor trees, this can be a hard journey.

  • Thank you very much. I really appreciate your feedback ! I hope Microsoft (which has planned to abandon support this month) will open more or less their legacy phone drivers, at least gives some tips to hack their phones. They were very nice, and I am sure UBports would be a very good OS for them.

  • After learning about Windows Phones, I have found the following so far :

    • bootloaders can be unlocked (with Windows Phone Internal software)
    • it is possible to have root access
    • Android hardware components are not available for UBports "clones" (only non-clones).

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